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We provide a full range of Web Design, Development, Search Engine Optimization and Secure Ecommerce Services to help you build, launch, maintain and promote your business website. Whether your project needs are large or small, we will help you achieve your website goals. We can help you make your existing website more functional and dynamic to attract and reach more people, increase sales and conversions, or improve user experience, customer service and security.

Our Design, Development and Optimization Services will improve your:

Customer Acquisition: To deliver qualified customers and prospects online, taking advantage of proven internet marketing and search engine optimization techniques.
Sales & E-commerce: To securely sell products and services directly online, providing a good customer experience from shopping cart to checkout.
Content Management: To securely create, edit and publish digital content online. Making it easy for you to distribute, sell and manage your content.
Cost & Time Savings: To cut costs, usually resources such as expensive printed material or time, by automating processes online like marketing communications, sales, fulfillment, inventory and content management.
Customer Service: To improve customer experience and service by providing answers to queries and complaints online automatically where possible.

No real business, no matter how small can afford not to have a decent Web site these days using the Internet for marketing and customer service. With the right website tools small businesses can now harness the power of the Internet to drive business and as a medium for creating, managing and strengthening customer relationships.

Time is Money. The 24/7 availability of the internet helps multitasking business owners enhance time flexibility to achieve more within the time constraints of a day. Smarter businesses can rely on the Internet for its e-commerce ability to open up new business opportunities, while helping them stay connected to customers, family and friends. Entrepreneurs can now use the same products and services online at their home office as the big businesses do from a corporate office. Freeing entrepreneurs to devote more time and resources to servicing their customers, developing their products, and selling them profitably. Visit 1and1.com to see how easy and affordably you can register your website domain name and create a professionally hosted website with everything needed to do business securely on the world wide web.

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Our goal is to design websites that combine both practicality and beauty, and show the world what you can do. Having a website that does what you want is one thing, but having one that catches peoples' eyes while doing so can be much more effective. Web design is not just a different form of programming or technical thing, it is also an art. Web design is taking today's latest technology and using it to create something which not only serves a purpose, but makes an impact on all those who see it. The data of a 2002 Consumer Reports WebWatch research report, prepared by Stanford University's Web Credibility Project showed that the average consumer paid far more attention to the superficial aspects of a site, such as visual cues, than to its content when people assessed a real Web site's credibility. For example, nearly half of all consumers (or 46.1%) in the study assessed the credibility of sites based in part on the appeal of the overall visual design of a site, including layout, typography, font size and color schemes.

Creating a quality website involves more than designing a pretty interface for your visitors to look at. It's also about building customer relationships and making it easy for you to update your own content. A website, like its owner, is an evolving entity, and as such is continually changing and growing. We are always focusing on how we can use the latest technology and maintain a high level of creativity in order to create highly usable web solutions for both you and your customers. Ensuring that every user enjoys their experience and finds everything they need easily and efficiently is the key to high usability and high credibility. Without this, a website is almost worthless. This combination of technology, business and art is what makes us enjoy every minute of work we put into a website.

Being a small team, we are personally involved in every aspect of every website that we build. One of our goals is to build a personal relationship between us and the people we build sites for. This relationship is key to the success of the website. The more we know about our clients and their needs, the better we are able to help them reach their goals. We want to make sure that the sites we build are what our clients want... even when they don't know what they want! The best way to find out how we can help you develop a website is to check out what we have created for others below:

A Summer Place Realty
EDCON Publishing Group
Fajardo Vacation Apartment Rentals
FireIslandMan Fire Island National Seashore Photography
OpenCart.us Shopping Cart Modules, Templates & Support Services for E-Commerce websites in the USA

As you can see, our visual design style exploits the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) factor of the internet with elegant simplicity. Our clutter-free design with eye-catching photography and graphics gets and sustains your attention. We create visually appealing websites that look great, with a user friendly design that marries form and function. We focus on examining and measurably improving your customers' experience with your business on the internet. The business of assessing and improving the customer experience online has taken on a new urgency in recent years. We now know that Good Design and Usability = A Good Customer Experience (see GoodExperience). With so many companies selling similar products at similar prices, a competent and professional customer oriented website can be the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity, a burnished brand and a tarnished one. Therefore providing the best service and customer experience online is both good for business and good for the soul. What goes around, comes around. Satisfied customers are more likely to return and refer others to your business.

Although, de Jesús is not a website shop with a fixed price list. We believe every organization has its own particular requirements, and as such we carefully scope and evaluate each project individually. We also understand that most organizations would like at least some idea of the costs involved, and so we offer a FREE initial Consultation to discuss the budget, strategies, options, and scope of your website project. After this consultation, we will create a detailed plan for your project, including a breakdown of all work that is to be performed, a list of recommendations for maximizing your website plan, and a detailed cost estimate and production schedule. This FREE Consultation can take place via email, telephone or in person at a convenient time and location, depending on your preference.

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