Internet Marketing

We possess a wide range of skills and techniques, together with a close familiarity with the workings of the internet, which allows us to offer a unique and thorough service to our clients. Our knowledge of internet user experience will greatly improve both the quality and quantity of traffic to your website leading to higher conversions. We can help you create and implement a comprehensive internet marketing strategy which accurately addresses strategic business issues and delivers the highest ROI possible.

We focus on identifying which proven internet marketing techniques generate the most visitors to your website who are well targeted and likely to be interested in your products and services. Our internet marketing strategy can encompass a wide range of activities, from making the site more user-friendly to optimizing the website to improve its indexing by search engines, to building pay-per-click and affiliate advertising programs, to managing link building, public relations and social networking campaigns. Fine-Tune Your Website

There is a difference between having a website and having a good website. We can turn your site into a well-oiled online marketing machine to capture directed website visitors from your marketing campaigns. We fine-tune your website to feature:

Attractive trustworthy look and feel.
Straight forward and easy to use navigation.
Business offer anyone can clearly understand in less than 10 seconds.
A clear call to action on every page.
Information provided in the way potential customers are seeking.
Installed web analytics software to gather information about your visitor’s activities: where people are coming from, what they are clicking on, why they are leaving.

Additionally, We can conduct ongoing traffic analysis - analyzing website visitor activity to improve conversion rates and your ROI and to improve website usability. We analyze occasional complaints about how difficult it is to use your website, if there are large amount of website visitors with very few sales or leads. We can also run focus group studies to gather website users experiences and suggestions. We provide regular feedback and detailed reports, to address specific issues and identify trends and changes in the internet market. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Over 80% of all online transactions begin with a keyword search. To compete, you need to target all the relevant keywords. An in-depth keyword analysis of the words and phrases that your potential customers type into the major search engines will identify the most effective keyword phrases your site should be using, and is the single most important thing to do when it comes to optimizing your site for search engines. SEO can be accomplished through tweaking thousands of factors on your website. Some of the most common and necessary factors include title tags, content, text placement, use of bold, use of italics, incoming links to your website, and heading text. Although it is becoming more expensive to compete online for popular keyword phrases the ROI is incredible if we manage to climb to the top of the rankings for well-researched keyword phrases. Periodic search engine ranking reports will measure the effectiveness of existing campaigns and give you insight into which internet marketing activities should be pursued. Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC is very similar to SEO as both are using search engines to get a website to appear in the search results page for a specific keyword phrase. The most common form of pay per click is with search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Natural SEO results in Google are in the middle white section of results. PPC results are those in the top and bottom with the blue background and on those appearing in the right sidebar. PPC results are quarantined off by the title of Sponsored Links. Although PPC is generally a short-term lower ROI marketing strategy when compared to SEO it does have some benefits. You have control of your budget, it can be turned off or on in an instant, the results are very easy to track, and only pay for actual website visitors. There are other large publishers that offer internal PPC systems that can be slightly cheaper than search engines if you are targeting a niche market. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is slightly newer than SEO and PPC. We get website owners to place an ad or referral link on their website to your website, they become your affiliate. If a website visitor clicks on our affiliate’s link to your website a tracking cookie is placed on the potential customer’s computer; if they end up making a purchase on your website you then pay the affiliate a commission based on the sale.

This is extremely appealing compared to SEO and PPC as you only pay for an actual sale. The biggest obstacle is finding good affiliates. We will research and contact website owners that receive a large amount of qualified traffic that could become your potential customers to participate in your affiliate marketing program. If you take a look at affiliate marketing from their stand point they have all the risk and therefore will not engage in your program unless they feel it will be extremely profitable. We put the time and resources to develop an affiliate marketing program with high profit margins. Although large managed affiliate marketing systems are usually expensive and offer minimal benefits they are easy to setup and start quick. We can also develop and implement an internal custom affiliate marketing system. Link Building, Public Relations and Social Networking

Sourcing and acquiring high quality incoming links through link exchanges and via directory submissions like and the DMOZ directory, the most important internet directories to maintain a listing in and also enhance search engine ranking. We work with you to generate well crafted press releases and secure favorable press reviews, news stories and other media mentions to attract more targeted visitors and to acquire more high quality incoming links.

Some of the most recent forms of online advertising are blogs, podcasts, and social networking websites such as,, and These forms of online marketing generally take a non-direct approach to attaining new clients. The focus is first on building a relationship with the potential client to earn their trust by providing unique and entertaining content. Once you have earned their trust they will make a purchase or spread the word to others on your behalf. Successful blogs and podcasts are ones that eventually are self-sustaining in generating new website visitors from other readers or listeners.

Social networking is a broad term closely related to public relations and online viral marketing strategies, in other words, the ancient word-of-mouth. The goal is to generate hype about a product or service, provide non-biased information on subjects relating to your products, create a niche network of potential customers, or get others to promote your products without asking. These advanced online marketing strategies are low cost and can have great results if implemented properly. According to new research released by Jupiter Media, 48% of brand marketers will use social marketing tactics this year. One of the reasons cited was that 30% of people surveyed claim that they trust another person's opinion while just 10% of people claim that they trust an advertisement! E-mail Marketing

Using appropriate and legal opt-in techniques to collect contact information from your website visitors and then managing the mailing lists to use e-mail as an effective viral marketing tool. Competitor Analysis

Monitoring and researching your competitors to undertake an in-depth competitor analysis of their online presence and to track future changes in their websites or their products and services.